Land incentive for Solar and Wind Energy Projects

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Land incentive for Solar and Wind Energy Projects

In the official Gazzette that has been published the 7th of February, 2014  it was announced that National Estate Rescript is expected to asign appropriate public lands for the companies that are willing to produce electricity from renewable energy sources. The installed power incentives are going to be maintained for 20 years  for plants under 500 kW, and 30 years for the range of 500 kW-1MW. However the incentive created a debate in the unlicensed electricity sector, some investors argue that the incentive is going to activate the renewables however some investors claim that the incentive is insufficient. The head of Association of Unlicensed Electricity Producers (LIDER), Yalçın Kıroğlu has announced that the  incentive is going to increase the value of the land and increase the options where unlicensed electricity production investments can be done.  Uygar Yörük, the head of Deloitte Turkey – Energy Industry has claimed that after 20 – 30 years the installation needs to be delivered to the government by %80 efficiency which means the installation needs to be assumed %100 efficient in the beginning.

  • The highest quality management system thanks Krinner's partnership

  • 20 + 80 employees for installation 300 lm of construction/day.

  • Drilling capacity 1000 screws/day.

  • Mounting capacity 1200 pcs. PV panels/day.

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