Girasolar celebrates 10 years anniversary

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10yearsOn the 26th of March 2014 Girasolar Energy celebrated it 10th anniversary.

Girasolar Energy was one of the first foreign companies to aknowledge the potential of the Turkish Solar Energy market. They decided to establish a branch in Turkey in 2004 and since then have been strongly involved in the Turkish Solar Energy sector. in 10 years they have made a name for themselves and are mostly recognized for their strive for quality and energy independence. in the upcoming weeks Girasolar Energy will unfold its plans for the near future. We are very confident about the Solar Energy potential and we have a good understanding of the roadmap needed for sustainable growth of our business units.

  • The highest quality management system thanks Krinner's partnership

  • 20 + 80 employees for installation 300 lm of construction/day.

  • Drilling capacity 1000 screws/day.

  • Mounting capacity 1200 pcs. PV panels/day.

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