Change in application process for systems under 11kW

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Turkey within the scope of the unlicensed production of electricity based on renewable energy sources decided  make important adjustments to the application process.  In a system of 1kW or 1MW system costs have been much closer in the project file. This made private investors hesitant in investing in privately owned power plant on private buldings.

According to a Turkey Electricity Distribution Company announcement PV installations under 11kW instead of applying to Tedaş  in Ankara from now on Tedaş Regional Coordinator will make the necessary project approval and acceptance procedures.

The small power plants pave the way for a beautiful state, but more measures needs to be taken there are many points to be taken into consideration still.

More info:

  • The highest quality management system thanks Krinner's partnership

  • 20 + 80 employees for installation 300 lm of construction/day.

  • Drilling capacity 1000 screws/day.

  • Mounting capacity 1200 pcs. PV panels/day.

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