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We help to get the power from the sun

Girasolar, established in 2004, was one of the first foreign companies who realized the high solar potential of solar energy in Turkey. Girasolar reacted on the Renewable Energy Act which was effectuated in 2005 in Turkey and initially entered the sector as a supplier company. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process from first application to turn-key delivery of the project and can provide operations and maintenance services through the whole lifetime of the project to ensure the highest possible returns.


Driven by quality

Girasolar’s mission is to provide high-end solutions to its customers, whether they are investors or end customers. To deliver them solutions with high value for money which result in higher returns on the long term. To achieve these targets, our company operates with a highly disciplined and qualified team of experts. Girasolar only uses the best quality material made by the worlds most valuable suppliers. Focussing not only on the quality and the price but also on the guarantees and warranty conditions. These are of utmost importance for systems that have to last for decades under the worst possible weather conditions.


Global experiences & local background

We deliver our projects on time with the assistance of our well educated and experienced technical team and our esteemed partners. Solar system projects are delivered in time after doing the field analyses, planning, mounting, security, and final checks after installation. We utilize dedicated material for each application. For Ground mounted systems we make use of our own patented solutions from BAYO.S for a solid, fast and sustainable result. For our roof mounted systems we use the best possible solutions suitable for each specific roof type. Girasolar represents several brands of modules and will always choose the best possible configuration keeping in mind the customers needs for the highest possible yields throughout the lifetime of the project. Girasolar is official distributor of world leading brands in Turkey and because of our long relationship in international markets we offer you the highest quality work against very competitive prices.


Strategic partnership BAYO.S

Combining the valuable competences of Girasolar and BAYO.S results in a true solar powerhouse. With a global trackrecord of over 400MW and local presence in several countries this combination has proven to deliver sustainable cutting edge solutions that will last for decades and yield sustainable results over the lifetime of these projects. Being active in Turkey and abroad for more than a decade we are well aware of all what’s needed for a successful implementation of solar energy projects no matter how big or complex.

Our Mission

Girasolar is strongly comitted to deliver cutting edge energy solutions to its esteemed customers with a strong focus on quality and solid long term returns. The foundations that we build on are our values and our belief in ethics and social responsibility. Always keeping the solution central in order to provide the best possible solution to answer to its customers wishes. We aim to be recognized for our continuous strive for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We as Girasolar believe that access to affordable and reliable energy is a fundamental human right and the creation of a well balanced energy supply and well designed energy strategy is a must. This can be reached through connections to solid power grids supported by local smart grids no matter how big or small. Our dependence on fossil fuels depends highly on our common willingness to invest in ourselves and each other for the future of our children. Girasolar commits itself to deliver safe and practicle solutions to provide energy in a social responsible way in order to improve our living standards.

  • The highest quality management system thanks Krinner's partnership

  • 20 + 80 employees for installation 300 lm of construction/day.

  • Drilling capacity 1000 screws/day.

  • Mounting capacity 1200 pcs. PV panels/day.

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